Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft


Being the Africa agent for Diamond Aircrafts, we sell the full range of these unique, reliable and fuel-efficient diesel plane engines.

There is a Diamond Aircraft for your needs be it private, military, commercial or corporate of nature.

Our Aircraft

Single Engine Aircraft


The DA40 NG is a single engine light aircraft, equipped with an AE 300 engine. The comfortable and uncomplicated aircraft is designed especially for aviation beginners and flight schools.

DA40 Tundra Star

Ready for every eventuality, the single-engine, four-seater DA40 Tundra Star gives you the freedom to go where you want, whenever you want, and how you want.

DA20i Katana

Ergonomically designed and fun to fly, the single-engine, two-seater DA20 far outshines its competitors. You'll be so enthusiastic about its perfect trainer qualities that you may want more of it.

HK36 Super Dimona

For everyone who simply wants to conquer the sky. Excellent for glider training and perfect for towing, the single-engine, two-seater HK36 Super Dimona is considered unbeatably versatile, user-friendly, robust and economic.

Twin Engine Aircraft


Introducing the latest version of Diamond's twin-engine, four-seater aircraft: faster, lighter, unprecedented performance and economy. The DA42-VI with stunning looks attracts stares wherever you taxi in and conveys your advanced pilot status. It is an excellent multi-engine trainer and a superbly capable private aircraft, matching stylish elegance with easy and efficient operation.


Your high-class SUV for the sky! The twin-engine DA62 is the ideal synthesis of space and performance. Perfect for families and business travelers and an excellent choice for taxi flights


Should you have an enquiry with regards to servicing your plane, buying or selling a plane, or specialist applications of one of our Diamond Aircraft please contact us or fill in this form, whichever is most convenient for you.

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