A premiere plane maintenance and engine servicing centre. Keeping your plane the way it was intended to be.
Lanseria Based
PMF is based at Lanseria International Airport, Gauteng, South Africa. Servicing and supporting planes in Southern Africa. Available to assist you.
Strict Adherence to Regulations
At PMF we take complying with all aviation and legal regulations very seriously.
Facilities, infrastructure and support to meet the needs of our clients as well as their planes.
Returning Clientele
At PMF we are pleased to state that we have a high client retention and clients returning rate.
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Diamond Sales
PMF is the sales and service agent for Diamond Aircraft in Africa.
Pilot People Passengers
As pilots, we know what other pilots need from their planes. As people, we enjoy the pleasure of flight. As passengers, we understand the need to trust and relax.
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Plane Maintenance Facility

We are a full aircraft maintenance service provider based at Lanseria International Airport, focusing on Beechcraft (single and twin engine), Cesna (single and twin engine), Diamond (single and twin engine) and Piper planes.

The plane engines we service include piston, turbine and diesel engines. Approved servicing providers of Garrett engines as well as Pratt & Whitney engines. PMF is qualified and designated to act as a Diamond Aircraft Authorized Service Centre, we sell and fully service these unique, reliable and fuel efficient diesel plane engines.

Service Planes

Beechcraft (single & twin engine)

Cesna (single & twin engine)

Piper (single engine)

Diamond (single & twin diesel engine)

Service Plane Engines

Diesel Engines

Piston Engines

Turbine Engines

Daimond Aircraft Sales

Single Engine Aircraft

Twin Engine Aircraft

Special Mission Aircraft


We are a full aircraft maintenance service provider based at Lanseria International Airport, servicing Diamond series (Factory trained and approved), Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper and Metroliner aircraft.

Aircraft engines we service – Piston (avgas) (Continental and Lycoming series, Diesel engines – Austro and Continental Diesel (Factory trained and approved).

The aircraft engines we service.

Service Aircraft:
We service King Air 90, 100 and 200 series aircraft

Service Aircraft Engines:
Factory trained and authorised service centre for Austro and Continental Diesel engines (Technify Motors ) Equipped with factory approved special tools.

Diamond Aircraft Sales
Factory trained and authorised Aircraft sales and service centre.

Cessna single and twin aircraft.
We service Cessna 100, 200 and 400 series aircraft.

Piper single engine aircraft.
We service Piper 28, 32 and 34 series aircraft.

Fairchild aircraft.
We service SA226 and SA 227 series aircraft.

Aircraft piston engines.
We service Continental and Lycoming series petrol engines.

Turbine engines.
We service Pratt & Whitney PT6 and Garrett TPE 331 series engines.


Should you have an enquiry with regards to servicing your plane, buying or selling a plane, or specialist applications of one of our Diamond Aircraft please contact us or fill in this form, whichever is most convenient for you.

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