Why Diamond

Why Diamond

PMF and Diamond

PMF is qualified and designated to act as a Diamond Aircraft Authorized Service Centre.

Why has PMF decided to align itself to Diamond Aircraft?

Spirit of Innovation

Developing and building a family of aircraft takes a long-term commitment and an unwavering vision - it's not for the faint of heart. Diamond not only has the vision and resources, but an owner who embodies the spirit of innovation. With the passion of an accomplished pilot, and the vision of a successful entrepreneur, Christian Dries has led Diamond Aircraft's growth from building only a single motor glider to offering general aviation's most innovative and diverse family of personal and business aircraft. The growth of the Diamond Aircraft family exemplifies his personal commitment to delivering aircraft that pilots want.

Commitment to Safety

The company’s aircraft are verifiably the safest in their class: the incredible overall accident rate of about just one sixth of the General Aviation average proves it (Source: Aviation Consumer January 2012). Self-ignited post-crash fire is always a worry in crash survivability. Aviation Consumer safety report also states that only Diamond airplanes had no post-crash fire among its competitors. This is because of the ultramodern safety avionics, also used in big airliners, the unique mono cockpit made out of light and at the same time very strong composite materials, as known from Formula 1, and an ingenious fuel system protection. Explore the areas in this section to see how we make safety happen to gain the confidence that Diamond owners already have.


Multi-fuel diesel engines:
Powerful in-house developed multi-fuel diesel engines

Diamond Aircraft revolutionized the general aviation market with being the first to introduce Diesel piston singles and twins. Together with Austro Engine we invested millions to develop and build our own eco-friendly, fuel-saving and powerful aircraft diesel engines.

The 170 hp AE300 Jet-A1 fuel engine – installed in our DA42 and DA40 - with state of the art common rail fuel injection is one of the most efficient engines in General Aviation.

Why the top-of-the-line AE300 is the better choice than a conventional gasoline engine:

  • Less than a half fuel burn
  • Worldwide operability due-to multi-fuel certification (Jet-A, Jet-A1, TS-1, RT, JP-8, and No. 3 Jet fuel)
  • Lower fuel costs compared to Avgas (average relation from Jet-A1 to Avgas 1:2)
  • Unique high altitude performance provided by the integrated turbo charger
  • Easy engine management by an electronic controlled system (ECU) with integrated single power lever design
  • Tremendously lower maintenance costs compared to conventional gasoline engines

State-of-the-art avionics

From the very beginning it was all about offering the most sophisticated aircraft you can get in the light aircraft market. Our DA42-VI and DA40 NG with standard installed Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, similar to those used in large airliners, offers unparalleled situational awareness and flight monitoring. It meets the highest expectations regarding operator convenience and better safety: more integration, more functionality, more precision, better reliability.

Airframe design:
Tomorrow’s composite technology in airframe design

Made out of robust and at the same time strong glass and carbon fiber composite material Diamond planes offer you the ultimate in durability, aerodynamic and safety compared to traditional aluminum airplanes:

  • Our rugged airframes have unlimited lifetime letting you fly as many flight hours you want to and guarantee a high resale price.
  • Our safety mono cockpits are unique in the industry with a damage tolerance of 26G in crash tests and 10G in flight
  • Ductile composite materials, rather than aluminum, allow superior aerodynamically surface and sturdy design. Performance and efficiency has not to lack of style – our airplane’s ramp appeal prove it. Did you know that larger modern airliners such as the Boeing 787 are constructed mostly out of similar composite fibers like airplanes from Diamond Aircraft?


Fuel efficiency:

For Diamond Aircraft, building incredibly fuel efficient airplanes has always been a cornerstone of our strategy. All of our aircraft are best in class in their fuel efficiency, saving you money whenever you fly. And with our Austro Engines AE300 Turbo Diesel with EECU – installed in our DA40 and DA42 – you save even more fuel.

Want to look how far you can travel with our Diamond planes?

Environmental Contribution:

  • Lowest emissions
    • Aviation Gasoline 100LL contains an additive, which develops into lead after burning. Therefore, Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine invested millions to introduce new engines into aviation, which are both, environmentally friendly and powerful. Compared to conventional gasoline engines, a Diamond Aircraft plane has significantly lower exhaust emissions.
  • Lowest fuel consumption
    • The Austro Engine Jet-A1 aviation piston engine reduces fuel consumption at an equivalent power setting by half when compared to a conventional gasoline engine.
  • Lowest noise
    • Diamond Aircraft's innovative exhaust gas system for the Austro Engine powered DA42 aircraft reduces the noise level by 20db below the official limitations during take-off.
  • Diamond is constantly involved in developing green solutions such as hybrid electric aircraft or CO2-neutral flights with algae biofuel.

In the future it’s your choice to fly green.

Diamond Aircraft Group acquired by Wanfeng Aviation Industry

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH (Austria) and Wanfeng Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., are delighted to jointly announce the completion of the acquisition of Diamond Aircraft Group by Wanfeng Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. This acquisition assures the continued long term future of the Diamond brand, with plans to increase global sales volume, expansion of the distribution and support networks, and continued designed and development of piston aircraft. For further information – source : http://buff.ly/2FVlSpH


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