Servicing planes

We service planes from the following brands


We service the following planes

  • King Air 90
  • King Air 100
  • King Air 200

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We service the following planes

  • 100 Series
  • 200 Series
  • 300 Series
  • 400 Series

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Diamond Aircraft

We service the following planes

  • DA62
  • DA42
  • DA40 NG
  • DA40 XLT

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We service the following planes

  • Arrow
  • Archer
  • Archer DX
  • Warrior

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Servicing Plane Engines

We service the following plane engines

Diesel Engine

To name a few advantages of aircraft Diesel engines, compared to petrol engines, fuel economy, availability of fuel in remote places, Cost of fuel per liter, long service life between replacement, fewer component service requirement during engine life and Ease of operation.


At PMF we take complying with all aviation and legal regulations very seriously. It is about your aircraft’s performance, the safety of your pilot and your passengers. When the stakes and rewards are this high, there is no taking of shortcuts.

As the heads of our business, both Johann and Pierre Prinsloo carry current Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licenses.

Under these licenses we are authorised, audited and vetted to service the listed aircraft.

Our Equipment & Facilities

Facilities, infrastructure and onsite support to meet the needs of our clients as well as their planes.


Should you have an enquiry with regards to servicing your plane, buying or selling a plane, or specialist applications of one of our Diamond Aircraft please contact us or fill in this form, whichever is most convenient for you.

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